BuddyMantor – Only One (Feat. Marxel x Xuger)

The finest track out there to be listened probably by thousand people.

About a adventure of to speak straight to the souls of million listeners.

Truly the coolest vocal establishment on a truly gorgeous musical work.

By the beat-maker BuddyMantor, and different vocal layers of two gorgeous voices.

To be one of the latest and coolest tracks out on 30th September 2017.

Listen to a preview before you merge into buying this cool track!

Radio would really love to play this track!

Any Radio can use the download to let their listeners listen to something before 30th September!

Malaria – Kankane

This gorgeous tune, has the coolest flow on the planet.

Quite cool instrumental by Black Steel. The whole temperature in the track has taken it to further limits. The Release that is placed on 1st June 2017 will be extraordinary.

We fully enjoyed to listen to this track from time to time, to even understand the depth of the lyrics, while it make a movement in your head it surely is something more than ever worth.

Malaria is an artist from South Africa, and he has already gained a very good audience.

Beast – Dlala Numba

This gorgeous track has everything it contributes with.

The instrumental made by San Luis Potosie has quite cool bass feel and enormous cool melody, together with the vocal it really delivers something special beyond imagination.

With the language of Zulu the track surely is a good discovery for many.

Through the help from label Psycholatic it is to be released 27.05.2017 on all major stores.

Also with the mastering that Psycholatic did to this track it went through all expectations and became something real good to listen to.